Posey Bacopoulos

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Oval Teapot

My goal is to integrate form, function and surface in a manner that brings a  sense of excitement to my work. The interplay of shape and decoration  creates a visual tension that is important to the pots. I am continually  exploring this relationship between surface decoration and form, while in the  surface treatment of my work I use line, pattern and color to create the  varied surfaces. The floral motifs on my pots are patterns rather than actual  representations that serve to divide the space in interesting ways. I use the  gold decals as a contrast to my painterly surfaces.  


My work is a contemporary approach to the traditional majolica of the Italian  Renaissance. Majolica is a glaze tradition that began in the Middle East in  the 9th century using a tin-opacified glaze. The majolica glaze makes a  good surface for decorating. The various colors are applied with a brush to  create the various patterns and decorations. The pots are then fired to cone  04 in an electric kiln. After the firing the glazed surface maintains both the  line quality of the patterns and the colors of the decoration. Then the gold  decals are added in an additional firing. 


Finally, I love to make pots and I love to decorate and I combine these two  loves in my work. My hope is the pots invite use and that my pleasure in the making process is apparent.