Sarah Banker

Nostalgic Marshmallows with ARA

Through my practice I look to explore play through humor and nostalgia. I am interested in how play can  be used to create a community, and how an individual can interpret play. My goal is to create immersive  installations that enact a sense of play for the viewer through humor and a familiarity of the objects I  use. Utilizing the ceramic slip casting technique, I create objects that reference 1990’s American Culture.  Through slip casting I create an abundance of multiples which I then use to create an immersive  installation. The way I use these objects is often humorous, and I hope to create a whimsical and  fantastic experience for the viewer. 


Recently I have been utilizing technology and virtual and augmented reality in my work. I create these  technological applications that compliment my physical ceramic installations. The virtual worlds I create  take away physical consequences for the viewer. The restrictions that limit play when being in a gallery  setting are often lifted when the viewer can enter a virtual world. In one of my virtual installations the  viewer is welcomed to pick up and interact with the virtual version of my work, something you are  almost never allowed to do in physical gallery settings. Technology has an immersive quality to it,  anyone who gets caught up in watching a good tv series or movie can relate. As adults we often play  games on our hand held devices, becoming immersed in the technology. Using the immersive quality of  this technology allows me to further reach the viewer and allows them to allow themselves to play  within my ceramic installations.