Jeremy Brooks

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Knot Pot 50

I make small batches of elastic clay fiber in a lab using a combination of traditional & nontraditional ceramic materials.  This elasticity allows me to work in ways that would not be possible with traditional, plastic based clays.  I use this clay to knit & crochet work in the form of small vessels, & refer to this series of work as “Knot Pots”, which is a homophonous play on words.  Structurally these pots begin with a basic slip knot of elastic clay fiber which is then knitted & crocheted into the form of a vessel.  Categorically however, they are not pots in a strict, utilitarian sense.  They are more accurately categorized as vessels in a fine art/craft sense.  They conceptually focus around how a pottery form contains an idea rather than how they hold or facilitate a specific function.  The small scale format of a tea bowl & its relationship to Wabi-Sabi philosophy/aesthetics are conceptual aspects tied into the work.