Cathy Burke


In my practice I explore the fragile charm found in nature’s process of regeneration, looking at the rugged beauty found in the constant cycle of decay and renewal - there is a certain aesthetic found in the detritus and even more in the following resurgence.


Through drawing, I investigate the landscape, topography, botanical forms and the ocean to develop and deconstruct ideas to create pieces that display a sense of natural contours, surfaces  and movement.


I use the language of the form to display fragile and vulnerable impermanence, while the surface quality reflects a natural energy found in water and seaweeds, rusts and lichens.


Using stoneware clay, I slab build, manipulate the form, then finish with textured and volatile glazes to emulate dramatic oceans, vibrant vegetation and delicate mosses and  lichens. 

The desired outcome is an expression of natures splendour within the vulnerable position of our environment.