Simcha Even Chen

Folding in Motion #1

The series of artworks “Folding in Motion” focus on investigating the relationship between “free” three-dimensional space and two-dimensional graphic deigned surfaces, giving visual meaning without restricting the movements.


The artworks are challenging at material and visual levels. Utilizing porcelain property to collapse, enables achieving organic and amorphic forms that cannot be planned or foreseen. There is no searching for thinness, fragility, transparency and whiteness characteristics of the porcelain. 


The artworks are dealing with the question of new inter-space (void image) created by the natural folding as a result to the porcelain collapse, color, patterns, motion and fluidity.  

There is a strong tension between the precise geometric pattern and the organic amorphic shape, while the final results of their combination give impression of softness like fabric or ribbon, forcing the eye to flow the folding and focusing on the void image created by the collapse, while when there is no pattern the eye is focus on the void image. 


The colors combination used in these sculptures activate the subconscious and the viewer’s emotions individually. 


On the visual level – since the abstract sculptures are autonomous objects that stand independent of narrative or objectification, they challenge the viewer to follow his imagination to understand or interpreted what he sees.