Believers - Ceramic, wooden stick. W90 x D35.5 x H30.6cm.


There is a ritualistic aspect to my working process as I let myself be carried by gestures repeated again and again: for the basic element in every piece is the clay strip. Stretching-out the clay by hand, flinging it up into the air, and slapping it down on a board. This capturing of the earth's gravitation force becomes a dialogue with the clay. Then, as a painter with a brush, I draw in space with the strip. Surprising shapes and textures give an unexpected quality to the clay. 


As I have been living and working in Japan for many years, my sculptures and bowls evoke an Oriental atmosphere. Being immersed in the mysteries of nature, the traditions and philosophies of this culture have instinctively generated works entwining influences of the East and the West. 


Reflections on the relationship between the natural world and we, human beings.