Viviane Diehl

Brazilian ancestral tree III

Burned Forest

(2021) 22x15x15" Ceramic

I am an artist, teacher and researcher in the area of Arts/Ceramics. My artwork ceramic production bring challenges to think and dialogue about art, techniques and interculturality. The conceptual approach reflects and open the possibility for a dialogue that questions the sense for human life and environmental resources in different cultures. The Brazilian ethnic diversity show to us many ways to understand and to give meaning to preserve live and natural resources.  Native communities are fighting for the nature protection and human rights all the time. They are trying to survive despite the problems like environmental destruction, health care, land grabbing and unpunished violence among others. The Guarani is one of the native group that inhabit the south of Brazil. The creative and productive ceramic artwork is based in an experimental process. My contemporary art ceramic move references and techniques from Brazilian ancestral ceramic, exploring techniques, materials, processes with different kinds of firing, and kilns. The artwork is constituted by the study of the contribution from guarani culture to compose my forms and expression that are based in the ancestral ceramic technical process. The dialogue of the creative process with the ceramic production brings relations that are inscribed in the materiality of the clay, in the expressive potentiality of the art ceramic language, in a continuous flow to be increased. The ceramic artwork is open for different ways of expression and experimentations to manipulate the materiality in a creative process whose composition is a proposer of relations with the aesthetic experience. My recent series is called Forests. I started to show the forests landscapes. The forests are ancestral like the indigenous people in Brazil. But now forests are burning in all world, the fire is spreading like covid, uncontrollable. We live a sanitary and environmental crises. For that I search fight with the art ceramic power connecting art and life. I am trying to do something about this global emergencies even in a smaller intervention with my art. My ceramic artwork is a way to report and move people to do something for a great cultural change in the world.The cultures in the world generate intercultural relations of affection and my ceramic art is capable of problematizing what is lived in a shared culture. 

The interculturality is also an experience over the world when we create an “in-between” space. In art events we meet artists and people from many countries brings to all a challenge, as well as a chance to exchange different cultures, knowledge, technology and art.