Shiloh Gastello

Serenity Gaiwan

(2021) - 3.5x4.5x1.5" Iron Rich Stoneware Clay

My current work engages with explorations of the Chinese Tea Service known as
Gongfu Cha (which translates to “making tea with skill”). Engaging in daily tea sessions,
and making varied tea wares has helped to hone my skill as a ceramicist through
analyzing the balance, weight, aesthetics, form, clay body, glaze, and functional ease of
each piece.

Vital to deepening my understanding of tea and tea wares is holding tea sessions,
teaching virtual tea education workshops, and classes that explore writing/journaling with
guided somatics with tea for personal development. This social tea practice has provided
a rewarding way to explore creating a space for thoughtfully engaging in meaningful
dialogs across cultures, and engaging with communities all over the world.