Complicated Collage.jpg

Srinia Chowdhury

Complicated Collage

12x6" Paperclay, Engobe

I believe in challenging the Status Quo using my Art!  

I am a story teller. My works are a combination of form and narration. Inspiration for  my sculptures/Installation stems from my long- standing curiosity of human  behaviour, human interactions, observation of daily life and the funny ways of  society.  

The forms I create are often familiar yet obscure. I further treat each of my works with  bright colours and graphics. Thus, my pieces are a harmonious mix between 2D and  3D to hold observers’ attention with an element of fun along with a thought provoking dialectic as eventually an element of satire and phantasmagoria settles in  which expresses the personal and universal dialogue.  

Over a period of time I have chosen to use familiar forms significant in past and still  hold memories in the present. I combine it conceptually with current socio- political  issues. The process of creation involves self-reflection and intensive research into  specific subjects in order to come to a purgative cathexis and understanding of the  society’s reaction towards the subject raised. 


I often use ceramic as a medium because it allows me to sculpt, draw and paint all  in one medium. The idea behind drawing and painting on ceramic object is to show  the notion that things are not always what they initially seem to be and an object  may hold a deeper connotation.