Bulk (detail) - ceramic, glaze, second-hand porcelain and ceramic dog. 102 x 73 x 115cm


I used to work with ceramics alongside paper, concrete, plush and cardboard in the creation of my sculptures. The engagement with different materialities and haptic qualities has influenced my approach to ceramics, which I now regard as my primary sculptural material. My work ranges from clay modelled and glazed forms (including my own glazing techniques) and ceramic sculptures, which I frequently develop into assemblages in combination with objets trouvés. 


In my sculptures, I question human existence with its perceived abysses and extremes. In my process of creation I therefore search for forms of the "intermediate state". "Formlessness" is the point of departure for the visual and physical presentation of something that does not yet exist completely, or the existential formation of which is still uncertain. My sculptures have a body and at the same time they donʼt: they allude to bodies that are appealing and repulsive at the same time and negate gender and identity. Thus, I seek to challenge the observer to endure this ambivalence and to fill the "gaps" themselves, to complete the works with their own experiences. 


I find that objets trouvés are a suitable material for these 'metamorphic processes'. I purchase found objects, including used stuffed animals, ceramic and porcelain figurines, on flea markets and internet platforms. These affective "industrial kitsch" items – always animal figures – are imbued with the personal relationships and meanings of previous owners. For my sculptures, I deform – if they have not been deformed already – and reassemble these objects.