Cosmic Mandala


  The vessel form is, in my view, a three-dimensional, irregular canvas.  On its surface I seek to paint dense, rich designs-almost mandalas.  Facing my canvas, a white vessel that may be in one of many forms, I discover a design in concord with its form and a vision of the resulting work taking shape.


Using a fine brush, I work out the design to express that vision.  Then, using mainly the overglaze materials characteristic of Kutani wares-Kutani enamels, red, liquid gold, gold and silver leaf- I give life to the lines I have brushed in, firing the vessel repeatedly to bring the design as a whole to completion.  I cover the vessel in its entirety with the design, fine and complex, as though to deepen and expand the microcosm within it.  By bringing the beauty and mystic quality, the essence, of natural forms- the veins on a leaf or a wasp’s nest, for example- to my work, I hope to further multiply the mass and gravitas of the vessel microcosm.


I tenaciously seek out new methods that will change the design.  The leisurely pace of hand work and the time spent in bringing a work to completion reflect the experimentation I engage in, time that, I feel, is carved into the vessel as a store of motifs.


I hope to create meaningful works with presence that, while retaining their functionality as vessels, can simply be appreciated as paintings or sculpture as well.