PlacesCollection of 16 objects of paper porcelain In the photo: Glencoe, Wielki Mlyn, Observation Point (2019)


As an artist-sculptress I am interested in various forms of perceiving, analyzing and creating the space. My objects are made of wood, ceramics, plaster, stone, textile or plastics, which with their characteristic help me express my ideas. The objects are based on interconnecting of sculpture and architecture, which qualify the perception of the space either form inside (form the view of the inner space, the installation possibilities) or from outside (from the view of the architecture set in a space, town, countryside). I analyze and unfold the architecture and create out of it the objects, which are, once again, set in the space (of a gallery). But the most important part for me is how people see things. How they see the places where they live, how they see the moment, how they remember it. I want to show them my point of view but also remind them of something.....to think, to dream, to remember and how sensible they are and they can be. 


The other thing which I am interested in is the connection and intersection of art and design. I cooperate with ceramic designer Markéta Nováková on our collection of vases/objects for the interior. They overstep the imaginary border between designed functional object and sculpture, which intertwine and at the same time disclaim their elementary qualities.