Incompetent People


I’m appalled at the lack of decorum and civility that persists with the man we call our president. Growing up as an immigrant in the United States, I believed that this country was the beacon of democracy and opportunities. As a parent to two young multi-racial children, I look at the current climate/state of affairs in the United States thru a lens that seems to get distorted by the day. I wonder what kind of a country we are leaving for future generations.


The central focus are the quotes from the 45th President of the United States that disparage one group of people or another. Heroes that are portrayed as comic book characters react in the defense for common decency and dignity. Comic book heroes have played the role of good vs. evil as early as the 1930’s and is the central theme of most comics today. 

The work was conceived with my collaborator, Master Huang Fei at our studio in Jingdezhen, China and involved master Chinese artisans, an international group of artists and students. A world not limited by physical boundaries or imaginary lines on a map. Diversity of ideas and people joining together to create work that celebrates history and combines the elements of many points of views. I would suggest this is an example of the real world we live in or the world we want to live in. I hope we can all find or inspire to be heroes in this age of Trump.