Transition Series


Simone Fraser graduated from the Canberra School of Art, Australian Capital Territory, in 1981 and completed post graduate studies at Monash University, Victoria, Australia in 2000. She was inducted into the International Academy of Ceramics in 2018.


Her work is represented in Spain, China, Taiwan, The National Gallery of Australia and many other regional galleries and private collections around Australia. 

To date she has had over 100 solo and group exhibitions. She has also been published widely. Fraser has lectured extensively in many tertiary institutions including the National Art School in Sydney Australia.


She says:  “My work is a contemporary response to the vessel tradition. I see my forms as icons- symbols or metaphors for my story. Like all stories it is a melting pot of references: the fossil, the archaeological, the contemporary culture as well as the physical environment. It’s also about our senses, our reaction to texture, to colour, to beauty.

The vessel is my  canvas because it is not just a timeline, it is a conduit: it is familiar to everyone- it opens up an immediate dialogue with the viewer who can then focus on the content and ideas within it.”