Nate Ditzler

Ceramic Supply Pitt.gif

Planning Ahead (2019)

Ceramic, underglaze, glaze, wood, paint

156" x 36" x 12.5", Dimensions Variable

My work seeks meaning from the seemingly trivial and overlooked moments of everyday life. I use a combination of handmade and slip cast ceramic forms, fabricated mixed media elements, and modified found objects to give a visual presence to these phenomena. I am fascinated by the way that combining familiar and surreal aspects can cause a shift in an artwork’s meaning, as well as the way in which the viewer can enter into the work based on their own subjective reality. By employing these strategies, I seek to raise questions regarding the complexities and paradoxes found in the everyday.


My visual language is derived from the simplicity and playfulness of the illustrations found in children’s books and single panel comics. I integrate this minimalist aesthetic with nuances of humor to bring lightheartedness to the foibles, anxieties, banalities, and joy found in everyday life. I often use an amorphous blob form in my sculptures as a surrogate for the self in my investigation of the underlying meaning in everyday events. I choose this specific form to express the philosophical idea of the individual as being perpetually unresolved and in a fluid state of growth and change.