Ken McCollum



My creative ceramic art work is a process of review and renew. I have been focused on my university level teaching, advising, service, and research and production with my interest in ceramic forms for the past years. Having an opportunity to produce art work has been a challenge with time commitments for service projects and my dedication to my teaching. Once I was replaced as Chair of the Art Department in this past year, I have been able to continue creating pieces that are traditional forms with contemporary images incised through a black underglaze revealing design patterns of images which reflect the content of that particular piece. 


Most of those works were created as I was preparing for regional exhibitions and a national exhibition held as part of the NCECA conference held in Portland, OR. I chose to exhibit my work with regional juried exhibits, various universities such as Ohio University in Zanesville, Ohio, Rio Grande University in Rio Grande, Ohio, NCECA Conference, PPG Center, Pittsburgh, Pa., and the Zanesville Museum of Art. 

The images placed on the clay forms are created to challenge the viewer offering guidance through the visual images in search of the actual communication of content. The pieces have been received well but I have since moved toward a new technique of dotted underglazes on cone 3 stoneware. The change from black and white to color began last summer. I began to develop repetitive layered images using a color dot pattern which created a strong visual dynamic. I am currently creating Bottle forms of 18” in height and taller with repetitive patterns of fish images. I enjoy crossing over the drawn image and then layering color fields with multiple dotted patters. 


I am now seeking a continued method of making my vessels but have decided that my current position at this university is in conflict with the new administrations viewpoint of an academic art discipline being about image over content.