Ghafar Mohiudin


I cannot exactly say when or where I first began to realize that ‘art’ would become my vocation. Growing up in Lahore, a city with various cultural aspects, I remember on my way to school seeing signboard painters doing calligraphic work and making huge cinema signboards. Watching them at work motivated me to practice artwork. My professional training in the Arts field started when I joined the National College of Arts, which gave me a chance to explore my passions and choose a particular field accordingly. I specialized in ceramics and from then I have been attached to this art form. 


In the field of ceramics I found what I had been searching for all along. It helped me develop my sense of aesthetics and augmented my awareness regarding the world around me. I learnt to see and feel my surroundings in an entirely new way. I responded to my clay in much the same way I responded to the visual signals from my walk to school.


I find clay, a sympathetic medium; its organic nature enhances my quest, continues it and relates me to my source. My work in clay set out to explore numerous questions arising from the changing circumstances of my life. I have no conclusions, so my work speaks of the mysteries and ambiguities faced during this process. My passion for ceramics has kept me moving towards more learning and creation, motivating me for more and deeper knowledge. When I look back on my work I find that most of my work, consciously or unconsciously, is all about humanity, relationships, beliefs, moods, politics and society. I call my pieces `Vicissitudes' and I endeavor to express the reactions of common suffering and relationships on individual and collective levels.