Lisa Nappa

Water Bundle

There is permanence to ceramics that is undeniable. My current body of work plays with the impossibility of joining two powerful elements – the impermanence of water portrayed through the permanence of earth. The beauty of water was the initial inspiration, yet as I began to explore the formal possibilities, the politics of water came to the surface. Water can be controlled, contained and directed; yet the unpredictability of nature continues to challenge us. I try to convey the beauty of water, transforming it into careful constructions through form and surface.


It is often the things that we cannot hold on to that intrigue me, shadows on a wall, slight movement within leaves on a tree, reflecting light on a body of water. These moments of fleeting beauty hold a magic that is unattainable and bring forth the ultimate emotion of ephemerality. There is sadness or just the practical sense of knowing that this perfect moment cannot last, cannot be contained or kept and yet, this is exactly what I try to do.