Heide Nonnenmacher

Fractal Object

The world’s Global warming should make us act, think and reflect - but not cause us to give up and lead to resignation. As a ceramic artist and a critical observer of our world, I liked the idea of Christoph

Thun-Hohenstein (General Director of the MAK Vienna), who said that it can also be a 

topic for artists to place socially responsible climate protection at the centre of their creative process.  

140 million years ago there used to be a Jurassic Sea in the area I live in. This sea dried out, but life went on. Shapes of former coral reefs bear witness to that time  and are of a great inspiration to me today. I approach current events, the consequences of  climate change on coral reefs with the frightening effect of coral bleaching and the  extinction of various species. My approach is both philosophically and from a design aspect  of forms with the following intention: Where do the living creatures of the reef come from?  Where do they go when the water heats up or rises? How can they survive or mutate? For  example, when I artistically translate in what way a unicellular organism can reproduce or mutate or how a new creature can develop. All of a sudden forms are being created,  consisting of polymeric structures and manifesting their existence by panting, hanging or lying down with torn openings.