Paolo Porelli

Neuf neures déesses (2017)

9 porcelain sculptures 44cm H max. 

Porcelain press-molded with addition of casts of found objects, press-moulded elements, 1260º, gas kiln in reduction

Made during a residency in the porcelain centres of Dehua, they are the result of combining traditional Chinese figurative art with a contemporary Western aesthetic. Neuf neures déesses is based on a single female prototype, which I modelled in Jingdezhen. Figures made from the resultant press mould were varied through the position of the arms and the addition of objects from casts or moulds of found objects. In each case, the original significance of the added elements is subverted through their placement on the face of the figurines as a kind of mask, emphasizing the obliviousness of contemporary mankind. In other cases, traditional elements are clasped in the hand as citations of a time-revered past but decontextualized for the modern world. The porcelain is unglazed to exalt the natural beauty of the raw material.