Sam Lucas

Same Same but different.png

Same Same but different (2019)

Photo by: Sylvian Deleu

“The position of the work is unfixed, both grasping out at the world and bound to itself; caught as if in a game of ‘cat and mouse' yet with nowhere to hide from the inevitable and perpetual anxiety, only the humour can save you.” 


Sam Lucas creates contemporary ambiguous, figurative forms; conversation pieces with dark humorous undertones exploring the weight and awkwardness of being in the body. Describing how displacement is not only geographical, but can be within one’s own skin, she takes some inspiration from her own lived experience as well as the observations of others. In exploring these notions she also, at the same time, celebrates humour, beauty of diversity and issues of self-other-environment. Her work may at first appear sloppy but closer inspection reveals that there is an obvious skill in the making process, working with her own anxious demeanour and the immediacy of making at times as she allows the clay to collapse under its own weight. 


The results are roughly hewn hand built forms with dry naked surfaces, which she frequently contrasts with the clean newness of slip cast forms. Lucas explores different materials and textiles alongside clay in the hope of forming a tension and dialogue with the viewer. The surfaces of the work suggest of emotion or expression and she also develops glaze techniques with different frits that emulate other materials or visceral bodily textures.


Shortlisted for the British Ceramics Biennial AWARD in 2019, Sam Lucas lives and works in Britain.