Sin-Ying Ho

Beyond Borders - passage of time (2020)

 H27" x W20" x D15"

Porcelain, hand painted cobalt pigment, computer transfer decal, terra Sigillata


Continuing Journey 


Under this unprecedented time caused by the Covid-19, I strongly admit that we are no longer living in a singularity society or country. We are connected and with crossed borders not only in a macroscope world but also in a microscope world and the virtual world.  I was inspired by the images of the actual coronavirus, 5G cloud, corporate logos and stock market index charts that are I then transferred by a digital decal technique. These images of the living virus, consumerism and the trace of technology create a visual metaphor that expresses the relationship between the never changing human nature and the continuing change of our physical world. 


Drawing on my Asian background and experiences in Western culture, I constantly explore the “collision of cultures” in my ceramic work.  I manipulate the forms by methods of deconstruction the narrative and then reconstructing it by transforming the familiar forms into unfamiliar and unidentified sculptures.  This basically for my own purposes but also to surprise the viewer with multiple images, icons, signs and symbols as a surface narration.  To further highlight temporal differences, I combine traditional hand-painted imagery with the use of new technologies such as computer-generated decals. 


Other conceptual techniques I use are East vs. West, Past vs. Present, Symbol vs. Language, Painting vs. digital decal transfers, Vessel vs. sculpture and 2D vs. 3D.  These elements collide and evolve into one. This mélange of modern and traditional ideas and various clay techniques evokes questions of identity and memory, while paying tribute to one of the finest ceramic traditions in the globalized world.