Zach Tate


Working in the ceramic medium, my objects and images are embedded in the  permanence of the material. I am deeply drawn to ceramic’s profound and unparalleled  history as well as its flesh-like qualities before it is fired and its inherent fragility post  firing. I see the figure as a universally palatable form: a common lexicon of  comprehension. The figure is something that humans innately understand and even in  its most abstract shapes, can find recognizable.  


The power of the utilitarian object tied with the potential for surface ornamentation,  form alteration, and multiple firings allows for objects manifested in clay to carry  numerous uses, connotations, and functions: contain, preserve, offer, commemorate,  and adorn. 


The content in my work sets on the edge of the irreverent and absurd. It is derivative of  current events, pop culture, and the environment. Inspired by centuries of satirical  artists who have provoked audiences and those in power, I follow in a rich history of  artists who work to entertain as a means of informing.